Hi, my name is Josie and I am a 30 something married mum of an 18 month old boy living in Melbourne Australia. I have an amazing and supportive husband who I love dearly. We are a work place romance turned into true love aaaaawwww. We have been married for two years. Prior to having my son, I had just completed a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Criminal Justice Administration. I was hoping that upon graduating from the degree, I would pursue a career in the juvenile justice field. I am yet to embark on that journey as my husband and I decided to start a family first. Three months after the birth of my son, I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Post Natal Depression. A year later, I am a healthier, happier and much better person having gone through that traumatic experience. I am currently a stay at home mum and enjoying it! I volunteer with PANDA, as a community educator. My dream is to to one day open a centre in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Hopefully new parents will come and be greeted with a smile. I would like them to feel welcomed and relaxed where there will be great coffee and a chance to meet other new parents in their area. I hope to see you there one day.

I decided to start a blog about my life after Post Natal Depression and how I experience living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I hope I can inspire others through their journey too.


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