Smiling after PND collaboration with Impala and Peacock to bring you Smiling after PND Tea

When I was going through Postnatal Depression, I was fortunate enough to have the love and support of my family and friends.  I always remember the sound of the kettle boiling and the conversations we would have over a cup of tea.  The sense of connection it encouraged.  For me, now, since recovering, it is …

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On discovering Yoga

I first came across Yoga after recovering from postnatal depression with Leo back in 2015. I needed to find something to ground myself as I was still living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder.  So, I joined a basic yoga class through the local community centre and attended weekly.  Yoga ticked all the boxes – it improved …

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Returning back to blogging

Hi everyone, Hope all is well with you.  It’s great to be back, writing again.  I just had at a look at the last post I had written, in August 2016, which was on self-care, and, thought I would bring you up to speed about what has been happening since that last post.  I remember …

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The circle of Security

When I became unwell with postnatal depression, I would often have reoccurring thoughts that something bad would happen to my baby.  These scary and intrusive thoughts stopped me from leaving the house, stopped my son exploring his new world, which I came to realise is a need, and, had a negative impact on our early bonding. Looking …

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The importance of self-care

SELF-CARE the things you do to replenish your mental, physical and emotional health or “filling up your cup”. When I first became a mum, all I could think of was my baby and his wellbeing. I also felt guilty if I was not 100% focussed on him. Ultimately, I forgot to take care of myself. Part …

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My Road to Recovery

I am proud to be talking about my journey through anxiety and postnatal depression.  It was an incredibly challenging time having experienced it with both of my children, but, after having gone through it, I am now a better, healthier and happier person and for that, I am grateful.  I hope that by sharing my …

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