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PANDA now have mental health checklists.

Hello everyone, After quite a hiatus – I am back.  I have lots to tell you but this will occur in a series of posts …

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SELF-CARE – the things you do to replenish your mental, physical and emotional health or “filling up your cup”. When I first became a mum, …

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Guest Post – Zelma Broadfoot, The Postnatal Project

I would like to thank Zelma Broadfoot from The Postnatal Project for the following piece written for Smiling After PND.  Zelma Broadfoot is the Founder …

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Guest Post – Lex Gully on her experience through PND & PTSD

A huge thanks to our Guest Blogger –  Lex Gully, a London mum of one who bravely shares her experience of PND and PTSD below.   Hey there, …

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On The Circle of Security….

When I became unwell with postnatal depression, I would often have reoccurring thoughts that something bad would happen to my baby.  These scary and intrusive thoughts …

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On reading to my baby through PND

A few days before I went into labour, an image came into my mind. The image was of me sitting in my rocking chair, snuggling …

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